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Meet Doreen

Meet Doreen

Doreen Ashley is a New York State licensed therapist and nationally certified by the National Certification Board of Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers (NCBMTB). In 2011
she graduated from a rigorous 1,600-hour program at the prestigious Swedish Institute, School of Massage Therapy
and Allied Health Sciences in Manhattan.

In 2011, Doreen made a change in her life's direction. After
a 16-year career as a Graphic Artist, she took a "leap of faith" and decided to pursue a long-time dream of becoming a massage therapist.

Today, she is delighted to be a licensed therapist providing exceptional massages that are tailored to the individual needs of each clients – making them happier, more balanced and more physically comfortable.
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I believe the body always seeks balance. If we listen, our bodies will show us the way to realign towards a healthier state.  As a massage therapist, I listen to and respect the body's wisdom and act as a facilitator for healing and well-being.”



Every client is unique. And each client deserves an exceptional massage session based on their need.


Classic style of massage used for relaxation, and pain reduction. Combines gliding strokes with kneading, stretching and friction to increase circulation of blood and lymph and aid elimination of metabolic wastes.

Deep Tissue

A deeper type of therapeutic massage used to relieve chronic aches and pain and restore joint mobility. Specific strokes and firm pressure break up adhesions ("knots") and release fascial restrictions allowing muscles to lengthen and function more efficiently.

Stretching with Massage

As we age our joints will tighten, making the range of motion and flexibility more restricted. Stretching during a massage can improve flexibility and range of motion, keeping your joints more fluid and making them less prone to injury.

Trigger Point

Trigger Point therapy employs deep pressure to specific areas to relieve chronic pain in hyper-contract muscles, joints, and ligaments. Static pressure is applied intermittently for fixed periods of time with fixed intervals of release in between.  

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It’s a fact.​

Every year, more people rely on therapeutic massage and bodywork for relaxation, pain relief, health concerns, rehabilitation, and general well-being.

Today, 39 million American adults –– more than one out of every six, get at least one massage each year.

Massage therapy has been proven effective in:​​
  • Relieving back pain

  • Boosting immune system

  • Reducing anxiety

  • Lowering blood pressure

  • ​Treating migraines

  • Decreasing carpal tunnel symptoms

  • Easing post-operative pain

  • Alleviating side effects of cancer

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